Sunday, 10 August 2014

My First Product Review! {Revlon Cream Blush in Coral Reef}


Now if there is any make-up look that I love enough to wear several days a week for the whole year round, it's a clean, fresh, natural face with a pretty blush. And to be perfectly honest, the only thing I really ever change in this look is the shade of blush, if I can be bothered to put on eyeliner and what I use to set my face.


As I don't contour or bronze, blush really is the only way to add colour to the otherwise flat canvas that is my face. As someone with a darker skin tone, I find it very difficult to find blushes that are high pigmented enough to show up on my skin without washing me out, especially on my student budget. Now, because I only purchase blushes with extreme colour payoff, they tend to last forever, even when I'm wearing them on the daily for months on end and I'm far too sensible to stock up on things that I'm not going to hit pan on before I move out.

I was in Shoppers Drug Mart browsing the beauty aisle for the new finds/sales and stumbled upon this gorgeous blush. I'd never purchased a cream blush before. Not only because I find most drugstore cream products to be greasy and not pigmented enough, but also because I don't find myself curious enough to shell out the big bucks at Sephora when I'm happy with my faithful powder blushes. Unfortunately, the pure orange blush that I had used last summer has been a little too shimmery for the dewy look that I'm liking this summer and I'd been on the look out to replace it with a similar tone, but with a matte finish. 

I ended up buying this and wearing it to World Pride (which was fab, thanks for asking), choosing to set it with the Essence It's All About Matt Powder. It managed to still be visible and even after more than twelve hours of festivities, though it wasn't quite all there at the end, but twelve hours at Pride? In the rain for two of that twelve? Pretty impressive, isn't it?



The packaging is sleek and elegant (always an upside), no bigger than a tin of lip salve and about the same weight. It comes in a shiny black box with the underside of the product in the little window. I am a huge fan of the packaging as it looks like it wouldn't look amiss in the aisles of Sephora but for a fraction of the cost.

The colour is an outstanding shade of orangey coral when swatched, though in the pot it looks supremely orange. I have no doubt that it would look gorgeous on anyone with a peaches and cream, yellow or neutral undertone as it blends out into a believable peachy flush, setting to a powder finish. If you feel the need, you can set it with a matching powder blush to up the ante a bit (I like Melt Into Spring from my Too Faced A Few Of My Favourite Things Palette). I actually prefer setting it like this as my skin is a little too oily for it to stay on in a consistent layer of colour when it's humid outside.

For anyone who is sensitive to scent, you'll be glad to know that the only way to gather any evidence of there even being a scent is to shove your entire nose into the pot and take some insanely deep breaths.

I found the texture to be extremely smooth, almost as if it were a mousse instead of a cream, leaving the product completely weightless on my skin from the minute I applied to the minute I removed my make-up. If you're familiar with the CoverGirl Clean Whipped Crème Foundation, then you won't be surprised by the feel of the finish. It's almost exactly the same, only a tad drier, but not enough to really make a difference.


All in all I think that this blush is a good investment and I'm looking forward to purchasing the berry toned version (Flush, I think it's called) for the cooler months when my skin is a little drier and will hold the product better. However, if you have oily skin, and you know that even after setting powder, your makeup starts to migrate and disappear within a couple of hours, then I don't think that this product has enough staying ability to be considered a worthwhile purchase for you. I usually prefer a powder formulation for oilier days. If you've got extremely dry skin that soaks up moisture like a sponge, be sure to moisturize thoroughly before application, as it will stick to dry patches and highlight them like crazy.

What's your favourite blush for the summer?  What about for autumn?  Let me know down in the comments!

I hope you have a marvellous day!

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